Identifying Qualitu Forex Markets

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By: Terry Allen
If you are trying to detect a new trade that possesses a good profit potential, then you have to understand that your selection process must satisfy certain criteria. For instance, your new potential trade must have both a high profit potential and low degree of risk.
You are well-advised to evaluate these requirements before you even consider opening any new positions. You will discover that the more effort and attention that you apply to assessing the potential quality of each of your new trades, the better chances you will have of attaining both success and profits.
As such, you need to acquire a good understanding of your selection criteria. You must as a top priority seek new trading opportunities with low levels of risk. Your own psychology will partly determine the amount of risk that you are prepared to take. In fact, there are two main factors that you will need to consider. They are the size of your account balance and your ability to deal with uncertainty. You should utilize a good money management strategy to help you determine the best solution for controlling risk.

Always remember that you must never risk money that you can ill-afford to lose. You must concentrate your efforts on assessing this risk factor in the most professional manner as possible before even considering opening new positions.
As you become more experienced at Forex trading, you will find that the best trading opportunities will always provide you with the optimum reward to risk ratio. However, how do you locate them? You can achieve this objective by painstakingly researching into the performance of your trading strategy using extensive demo testing.
If you do not possess a trading strategy, then you are well-advised to design or acquire one. At the end of each sequence of testing you must evaluate the performance of your strategy by determining its reward:risk ratio and expectancy value.
You will then have a professional means of determining how well your strategy is at identifying the best trading opportunities. After you have successfully achieved this goal, you will be in a much better position of capturing trades that exhibit both high profitability and affordable levels of risk.
Another major factor that will contribute to your risk levels is the amount of time that you can afford to monitor your Forex trading. For instance, if you do not have a great deal of time at your disposal, then this will certainly affect the quality of your Forex trading decisions. Under such circumstances, you should definitely not consider intraday trading in any shape or form because you will only lose money.

You should also realize that if you risk more than you can afford to lose, then you will subject yourself to undesirable amounts of tension that can directly influence the quality of your trading decisions. You must always remember that if you do not fully comprehend all the features of a new trade, then you are well-advised to reject it and seek other opportunities.
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